Trace Balla

-Trace facilitates friendly workshops for all ages and abilities, in your home, community space, women's or men's group, hospital, school, festival.... 

-Participants may learn a variety of techniques, using many easily obtainable and often found, natural, or recycled materials. Most materials and tools supplied. Workshops may be from 2 hours to full day, or ongoing sessions, potentially culminating in an exhibition for the wider community.

"Soul dolls" - Be inspired by the diverse cultures of doll-making around the world to create dolls that have meaning for you. Dolls may be intended to attract qualities such as courage, good health, friendship, fertility, and wisdom, into your life . They may protect your home, hold memories, focus on life transitions such as girl to young woman, woman to crone, be important for someone your are creating the doll for, or offer guidance and insight. A wide variety of techniques are offered.

"Illustrate and self publish your story" - Trace will inspire you to capture stories, and assist in illustrating techniques. Try your hand at scanning images, add text, layout your book, and print individual or short run copies. Or simpler still, make a mini comic book. Trace can also show slides about her book making process, from journal to published. For younger groups 'Hot dog" cartoon books are very popular.

"Stretch and sketch"-  Stretch your legs and sketch your surrounds in these relaxing sessions. Focus on indigenous plants, landscape or birdlife. When you sit and sketch you look more closely and appreciate so much more. Indoor locations for days when weather not suitable. 

"Soul Crafts"  - make books, baskets, soft "lovables", soul-dolls, and more in ongoing sessions, or do a half or full day session on just one technique. Great for personalised gift-making rather than buying. Focus will be on re-using and recycling.

"Animation Basics"-  learn tricks of the trade like: metamorphosis, lip sync, walk cycles and other loops and cycles, character design, claymation, pixilation, flip books and storyboarding, to get you going on your animation projects.  

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